Thom Noble


Thom’s career in international brand marketing and business consultancy has spanned senior roles in CPG, Media, Entertainment, Leisure & Technology. He’s worked at GSK, Diageo and Walt Disney Corp. and advised many others including Universal Studios, Unilever, PepsiCo, & Tesco.

As a pioneer in the emerging neuromarketing field, he is credited with co-launching the world’s first dedicated neuro-brand consultancy almost 20 years ago. Since then, through a series of pace-setting neuro-ventures, he has pivoted from lab-based (NeuroCo, NeuroFocus, Nielsen Neuro, NeuroStrata) into online, globally-scalable neuro-led businesses. Collaborating with top cognitive & behavioral scientists, technologists, researchers & marketers around the globe, he has centred on developing new best-practice methods of evaluating & optimizing marketing strategy & creativity.

Now with CloudArmy, he is focused on the next evolution of consumer neuro-behavioral science application — transforming it from an ad hoc intervention, into an embedded, everyday, test-n-learn capability for brand owners, researchers and creative agencies.