Are your ads memorable? How are they remembered?

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"Are your ads memorable? How are they remembered?"

Researchers want to know if ads grab enough attention to be remembered.

Traditional surveys can ask if an ad was remembered.

CloudArmy can...

  • Add new, gamified traditional or fast choice memory tests
  • Enable a custom mix of video, audio or text input into a single test
  • Measure degrees of instinctive, motivational or emotional associations with an attribute, occasion, category or context
  • Automatically synch with your existing survey as a 2 to 10 minute System 1 augment

When people use CloudArmy to Measure trust

Creative Development
Communication Testing

Use Cases:

  • General Research
  • Competitive Assessment
  • Employee or Customer survey (B2B)
  • Measure degrees of trusts with logos, sounds, claims, pack designs, slogans or spokespeople