Why do products fail?

By Dr. Keith Ewart One of the biggest challenges facing Companies is the rapid turnaround and churn of new products in the marketplace.   In 2014, Nielsen reported that 85% of new fast-moving [...]

Passing Knowledge is Power

By Dr. Keith Ewart Knowledge is not Power Working in corporate cultures can lead to bad behaviours.  I can speak from experience, having worked in P&G R&D for 24 years.  I was privileged [...]

What CloudArmy Does

From the start, the goal of CloudArmy was simple: Merge top-notch software developers with a deep store of real-world neuromarketing and science experience to create the most easy-to-use global [...]

CloudArmy and NeuroStrata

NeuroStrata today announced a joining of forces with CloudArmy – a move that seeks to transform the ease with which system 1 insights can be accessed by clients, agencies and academics. [...]