The CloudArmy Service Model

Select The Right Fit For You

CloudArmy’s service model can be tailored for partners with varied needs and levels of expertise, so they can all experience the power of deeper insights from the latest Neuro.

  • Reactor ™ Platform

    • Priced per completed panelist
    • Costs vary based on level of prepaid bundles or subscriptions
    • No additional costs for partners who run their own studies
    • Managed study fees
    • Ad hoc, no-commitment pricing available
    • Pricing includes access to raw data
  • Services

    • Training, Consulting, Test Development
    • Have our experts teach you how to run repeatable tests for your use cases from a private library or...
    • Take it one level higher and become an autonomous super-user capable of customizing your own branded tests
    • Crawl, Walk, Run and Fly at your pace
  • Recruiting

    • Priced per completed panelist
    • Costs vary based on the specificity of the panel
    • Bring Your Own Panel
    • Procure a panel on your own
    • Have CloudArmy recruit for you