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The Question

An innovative new salad product was hitting the shelves and needed a fresh pack design to communicate both the nutritional benefits of the product, and the innovative and convenient preparation instructions to consumers. The client wanted to evaluate a range of potential color options, 2 pack prototypes, and 10 potential tagline options to create the most compelling pack offering.

The Approach

Utilizing our Pack Reactor solution, we assessed a range of color options using Fast Choice to identify which precise color hue works best to evoke the desired brand associations, such as healthy and natural. Additionally, we tested 3 pack prototypes with Fast Choice to understand how well the unique offering is communicated. With our Implicit methodology, we tested 10 taglines against “I want” and “I believe” attributes to determine which tagline is most likely to drive purchase and credibility. 

The Results

  • Colors trigger our attention, memory, and emotions more than any other design feature. Different colors, even subtle hue variations, can elicit different feelings and even drive different associations with senses such as taste. Verdun Green color best communicates desired attributes "Healthy" and "Smart Food," while Metallic Gold was most closely associated with "Artificial," a negative association that should be avoided.
  • Good pack designs need to grab our attention and quickly communicate the right feelings and associations. Design layout can determine how effective the overall pack or individual elements are. Overall, the Green Pack prototype was more successful than White Pack at evoking desired attributes like "Vegetable," "Healthy," "Fresh," and "Natural."
  • Taglines form deep memory connections to products and brands and help drive purchase. "The six second salad" tagline is most closely associated with "I want" and "I believe" attributes.  Alliteration and using the power of 3 generally works well from a neuro perspective to spike consumer interest. "Healthier Mood Food" performs the weakest on desired associations, potentially because the concept is itself unfamiliar and hence lacks cognitive fluency.

We informed the client that the brand should capitalize on the green pack design, specifically leveraging the Verdun Green color to deepen associations to "Vegetable," "Healthy," "Fresh," and "Natural." Additionally, leaning into "Six Second Salad" verbiage will help drive home the product benefit, convenient delivery method, and drive trial interest. 

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