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Where It All Began

CloudArmy was founded in 2015 by marketing and insight leaders looking for a new solution, behavioural neuroscientists with decades of experience and software developers who turn ideas into reality.

From the start, the goal was simple: Merge top-notch software developers with real-world Neuromarketing and science experience to create the go-to place for deep (system 1) behavioral insights. We built our Reactor™ Platform from the ground up to transform the speed, cost and value of market research. With behavioral science expertise, we developed best-in-class research solutions and reach hundreds of global consumers daily through Reactor(™). 

We Believe

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Transparency Leads To Discovery

Research pioneers who adopt fast, affordable online neuro practices have the best chances of producing content that grabs consumer attention, engages emotions and activates longer term memory. Online Implicit testing, used in combination with other methods, delivers the most meaningful and predictive results. Most importantly, CloudArmy is committed to complete transparency with our methodology, analysis and validation. Our partners see everything that we see and we value like minded curious partners who want to openly share and learn together.

An Ethical Approach Is The Only Way

In a world where online software companies track, store and sell consumer’s personal data, it is important to know that CloudArmy doesn’t do that. We neither solicit nor store any personally identifiable data from our test respondents. Test responses are always completely anonymous and are used only for developing aggregate statistics.

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