Discovering the Science of Emotion

CloudArmy Reactor is an evolving online Neuroscience research platform (SaaS) that combines Implicit Association, Fast Explicit, Findability, Eye Tracking, Facial Analysis, along with traditional Surveys to uncover a deeper understanding of your audience.

We offer an array of research services

ranging from Self-Service to fully outsourced

‘Guided’ projects.

  • Multiple Neuro tests: traditional, implicit, fast explicit, facial analysis and eye tracking
  • Tunable, customizable, and repeatable research tests
  • Bring your own panel or select from multiple,integrated recruiters
  • Priced to iterate or white label resale
  • Custom data export
  • Fast partner and system integration
  • End-to-end automation
  • Test any audio, video or image; any device
  • Test anywhere, any language; get realtime results
  • We turn your neuro test ideas into online tests, faster
  • Export raw data to analysts or systems
  • Open science and black box
  • No personal data recorded (GDPR compliant)

Pick Your Speed. Crawl, Walk, Run or Fly

Our customers vary in desire and ability to outsource or run studies autonomously. We enable 'service tuning' that can be scaled gradually for all aspects of research and we coach clients incrementally in a crawl-walk-run-fly model with graduated steps of usage and proficiency.