Empowered by Curiosity

We Believe

  • Researching pioneers who adopt fast, affordable online nonconscious testing practices have the best chances of producing content that grabs consumer attention, engages emotions and activates longer term memory.
  • Online Implicit testing, used in combination with other methods, delivers the most meaningful and predictive results
  • Good Science and Innovative Creatives can be liberated through our unifying online System 1 tool

Play, Learn & Discover

  • A new and different cloud research platform to measure emotional and motivational nonconscious consumer associations to any audio or visual stimuli or experience.
  • Run multiple System 1 research tests, including validated Implicit Response Testing (IRT) made easy, with a new level of ease, control, range of applicability and automated ‘client-ready briefs’.
  • Create a tailored emotional & motivational indexing test to evaluate consumer feelings in response to ideas, concepts, creative output, brand or distinctive assets …and then track them over time.

We Share

  • Years of hands-on neuromarketing experience with renowned implicit specialty.
  • A passion for scientifically-validated data.
  • Auto-generated client-ready briefs and downloadable raw data.
  • The power of creating and customizing repeatable, tailored tests with brainy software.