Andy Baron

VP, Product

As VP of Product, Andy Baron coordinates the agile development process for building Reactor, helping to clarify and prioritize feature requests from customers and internal users, and to schedule and monitor the implementation of product features. Andy also participates in designing Reactor's data storage and its procedures for statistical analysis. He is passionate about continuously improving CloudArmy's software and services to provide valuable and actionable insights for clients. Additionally, he serves on the Board of Directors where he helps guide strategic decision making.

Andy was a Microsoft MVP for 15 years and helped develop Microsoft's programming and data science certification exams. He has authored successful books, courseware, and training videos, as well as effective vertical-market software applications.

Andy dropped out of Harvard a couple years before Bill Gates did, but eventually chose to complete a BA in Psychology at Hampshire College. Since the dawn of the PC era, Andy has been fascinated with software technology and data science, and has pursued those interests ever since. But he has also taken time out for other educational and entrepreneurial endeavors, including owning and operating a wholesale/retail bakery for 5 years, studying and getting licensed to practice Chinese Medicine for 3 years, and successfully analyzing and investing in emerging biotechnologies.