Dr. Brendan Murray


Dr. Brendan Murray is a member of Cloud Army’s advisory board, as well as co-founder and Chief Science Officer of DIRT. Brendan holds a Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Boston College, and has been a thought leader in the consumer neuroscience industry for nearly a decade. He has conducted transformative research with businesses across the industry spectrum, from advertising and package design to aerospace, gaming, and health care. He has worked regularly with global Fortune 500 brands, applying neuroscientific principles in carefully-considered ways to help answer those brands’ most challenging business questions.

Above all, Brendan is passionate about teaching, and finds the most joy in his work when he is explaining human cognition to others. Apart from his client work, he is a frequent industry and university lecturer. He has spoken regularly at the Neuromarketing World Forum and Advertising Research Foundation, and has delivered lectures at Darden, Stern, Rutgers, and many other universities. His work has been featured in Forbes, Engadget, and MediaVillage, and he has been a contributing author on several university textbooks (Handbook of Cognition and Emotion, Consumer Neuroscience, and The New Marketing).

Brendan currently lives in southern New Jersey with his wife (an assistant professor at Temple University) and daughter. He is an avid cook and snowboarder, although he is dramatically more competent in the kitchen than on the mountains.