Cody McQuaid

Client Project and Support Manager

As a Client Project and Support Manager, Cody works to ensure studies are created and designed to meet client needs. He also works closely with the Development team to ensure our platform is always improving to enhance customer experience. Overall, he strives to take the questions of neuroscientists and researchers and turn them into actionable answers and insights.

Cody has been with CloudArmy for 5 years, and understands the value of creating tests that meet the complex and dynamic needs of clients, data analysts, and the participants together to create meaningful results. Whether running guided projects or empowering others to run their own projects, he is committed to ensuring quality data can be attained as easily as possible.

Cody has a BA in Psychology from SFU and has always been interested in discovering insights about human behavior. After working in Healthcare and Security, his enthusiasm for understanding and utilizing technology led to his career pivot working within a company that combined Computer Science and Psychology.