Dr. Andrew Baron


Dr. Andrew Baron is a member of Cloud Army’s advisory board, leveraging his expertise in neuroscience to provide strategic advice to help drive the business forward. Dr. Baron also works directly with Cloud Army clients on their research projects to design impactful studies and deliver meaningful insights.

Additionally, Dr. Baron is an Associate Professor of Psychology and Affiliate with the Core for Neuroethics at the University of British Columbia. He received his PhD in Psychology from Harvard University where his research began focussing on establishing best practices for measuring implicit cognition. Since joining the faculty at UBC he has published extensively on how implicit associations form and change across the lifespan, founding and directing two research labs. Dr. Baron’s research also focus on issues of equity, diversity and inclusion with a particular focus on reducing barriers for women to pursue careers in STEM fields (see http://successinstem.ca). He has received a Killam Research Prize and has been recognized as a Rising Star by the Association for Psychological Science for his research accomplishments. 

Dr. Baron has over 12 years of experience in applying best-in-class principles of cognitive science to marketing research as the Chief Neuroscience Officer at Olson Zaltman. At OZ, he has overseen all quantitative research on consumers' unconscious thinking with a particular emphasis on brand positioning and concept testing globally across many sectors including CPGs, financial, and healthcare. Dr. Baron’s particular passion with marketing research is ensuring and promoting best-in-class practices that are transparent in order to bring the same rigor and confidence in the science from academia to our industry. For more on this, you can read a recent paper.