Dr. Michael E. Smith


Michael E. Smith is a neuroscientist and consumer insights professional, with over three decades of basic and applied research experience. He serves as a scientific and business advisor to Cloud Army and helps clients incorporate brain-based consumer insights into their marketing strategies and tactics.

Previously Michael served as VP of Consumer Neuroscience at the market leading research firm Nielsen; President of CorTechs Labs, an innovator in creating AI-based quantitative brain imaging tools for precision medicine; Program Director for Cognitive Neuroscience at the US NSF; and Principal Neuroscientist at SAM Technology, a groundbreaking R&D organization focused on applied neuroscience R&D. He has also worked in research and teaching positions in a variety of academic settings.

Michael earned a PhD with a focus on the neuroscience of cognition from UCLA and an MBA with a focus on marketing from the University of California, Berkeley. He currently lives in La Jolla, California with a professorial spouse and a teenage son.