Why do products fail?

By Dr. Keith Ewart One of the biggest challenges facing Companies is the rapid turnaround and churn of new products in the marketplace.   In 2014, Nielsen reported that 85% of new fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) products fail in the marketplace.  A recent McKinsey report highlighted that while 84% of executives agree that innovation is critical […]

First Impressions Really Matter

Image credit- By Dr. Keith Ewart We know First Impressions matter – does your Market Research testing really measure them? I am very excited now to be working with CloudArmy – a Market Research online platform revolutionising the way companies are able to understand their consumers, customers and employees at a deeper, nonconscious emotional [...]

The Power of Voice

Using Reactor to map out the associations evoked by different voices   This week at the Cannes ‘Festival of Creativity’ CloudArmy President Thom Noble jointly presented Wavemaker’s pioneering research into the power of voice using CloudArmy’s Reactor platform. Wavemaker Global, a leading digital media agency, are using Implicit Response testing to gain new insights into […]

CloudArmy teams up with Wavemaker Global to talk about the power of audio

CloudArmy teams up with Wavemaker Global to talk about the power of audio   At this year’s Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, Cloud Army President Thom Noble will unveil a new approach to scientifically testing audio. In conjunction with leading digital media agency Wavemaker Global, Thom will co-present a pioneering joint initiative on better […]

What CloudArmy Does

From the start, the goal of CloudArmy was simple: Merge top-notch software developers with a deep store of real-world neuromarketing and science experience to create the most easy-to-use global cloud platform with the best mix of testing paradigms to access deeper (system 1) insights. After 2 years of development, our customers are finding the Reactor™ […]

CloudArmy and NeuroStrata

NeuroStrata today announced a joining of forces with CloudArmy – a move that seeks to transform the ease with which system 1 insights can be accessed by clients, agencies and academics. Science and technology are swiftly transforming the way we go about understanding our consumers. The dawn of the 21st Century heralded the first significant […]

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