The era of artificial intelligence has truly begun with the launch of the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT service. 

But can AI be truly creative? Creative in a way that humans like and make copywriters fear for their jobs?

How good is ChatGPT at writing taglines for a major brand?

We put it to the test by pitching ChatGPT against human creativity. We sent 15 taglines into the race - some human and others AI created - and used our ‘Message Reactor’ online Neuro test, to see who wins with real consumers.

The results may surprise you!

Presented by CloudArmy’s Dr Ben Schubert this 20-minute webinar will show how our deeper- level testing works for messages such as taglines. Using real data from the AI and Human generated taglines, we will show how reaction-time measures add an extra dimension to message testing to reveal things that stay hidden when only using traditional research tools."

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