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CloudArmy Pharma Insights

CloudArmy ReactorTM is the up-and-coming cloud tool that is transforming the speed, cost and value of market research insights. ReactorTM is the go-to place for a new technique known as Implicit testing, which can ethically test the non-conscious, instinctive, emotional or motivational associations of new or existing brand-related creative material and products. Pharma companies have struggled for years in using traditional research techniques (claimed responses) to unearth people’s true feelings and associations. This is especially the case with sensitive or “taboo” topics related to age, disease (STD, AIDS) or medical conditions (ED, Incontinence, etc.).

CloudArmy’s ReactorTM platform is perfectly positioned to measure these super-sensitive associations and more “everyday” perceptions at a non-conscious level, including associations with medical devices like inhalers or perceived comfort and social associations that affect adherence.

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Non-persistence currently takes around 125,000 lives annually and costs the medical community somewhere between $100-289 billion a year.

Let CloudArmy ReactorTM be the place to evolve and benchmark your brand, device, product or medication by ethically testing:

Areas Implicit testing can optimize a brand’s potential:

  • Brand propositions and positioning for new brands or variants
  • Claims and messaging including behavioral shifting
  • New Product Development: packaging format / dispense systems / delivery systems
  • Sensory / Experiential / physical interactions with product, e.g. topical application / ingestion
  • Communications with trade (Doctors, Pharmacists, etc.) as well as consumers: PR narratives / Opps planning
  • Sensitive topics / product areas
  • Cultural cues and reference points