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Exclusive Podcast: Audio and Nudgestock with Steve Keller and Rory Sutherland

Nudgestock is coming - and audio plays a part! Richard chats with past guests Steve Keller and Rory Sutherland about the power of audio, both music, and voice, in neuromarketing. Steve discusses the power of music to elicit and amplify emotional responses, and how context matters when applying those effects to marketing. Rory finds parallels and examples in past marketing efforts to show the ability of voice and music to enhance messaging. Call it a mini-Nudgestock, this episode is a sample of what you can expect on July 7, 2023!

CloudArmy is thrilled to announce our continued partnership with Nudgestock, the world's biggest festival of behavioural science and creativity.

On July 7th 2023 live at the Old Truman Brewery, London and online we will be supporting Ogilvy at the event as their behavioural research partner for the 3rd year running. 

As leaders in the field of neuro-behavioral testing, CloudArmy is committed to the science-driven evaluation and optimization of nudge strategies, campaigns, and ideas aimed at influencing perception and behavior. Our approach, which we've dubbed "Nudge Meets Neuro," integrates creativity and mind-science to create compelling and effective nudges.

"A deeper science-led understanding of unconscious motivation is essential to exploring more effective nudge solutions. CloudArmy's insights help us test our creative hypothesis quickly and deliver more interesting, compelling interventions."

In 2021 we partnered with Ogilvy Consulting to test new product innovations.

In 2022 we teamed up with Ogilvy's branding agency, Coley Porter Bell, to explore the use of distinctive assets to non-consciously enrich brand experiences.

Now, for Nudgestock 2023 we are partnering with world-renowned audio expert Steve Keller to explore how brands can combine sound science and sound art to create something amazing. Steve will be presenting CloudArmy’s latest research live on stage.

Our flexible, multimodal online platform allows you to test and optimize a wide range of BeSc-inspired interventions. We are committed to helping brand owners, creative agencies, corporate strategists, and government policymakers better understand the power of non-conscious cues in shaping attention, perceptions, attitudes, behavior, and habits.

Embrace the mess and discover the opportunities hidden within – we look forward to seeing you at Nudgestock 2023!

As we approach the main day of the festival we will be releasing some exclusive Nudgestock content, including podcasts with key participants and blogs relating to the use of audio. Sign up below to stay informed.

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