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CloudArmy were delighted to again partner this year with Nudgestock. Nudgestock 2022 was the 10th anniversary of the world’s biggest behavioural science festival.

CloudArmy are globally renowned pioneers in Neuro-Nudge Testing. We provide science-led evaluation and optimization of nudge strategies, ideas and campaigns designed to change perception and behaviour. We are firm believers that stronger blending of creativity and mind-science ultimately delivers more compelling and effective nudges.

We coined the term Nudge Meets Neuro to highlight our approach which encourages neuro-behavioural iterative test-n-learn throughout the development process. We endorse the notion that ideas inspired by an understanding of cognitive biases and behavioural heuristics and conceived to work at the intuitive, System 1 level, deserve to be tested at that same, deeper, more insightful level.

At last year’s Nudgestock 2021 Innovation Workshop, we worked together with our Ogilvy Consulting partners, to demonstrate how our science-led testing methods enabled quantified evaluation of difficult-to-measure facets of the highly innovative brand, NanoSalad. We were able to identify amongst consumers, which propositional / motivational tagline was most intuitively emotionally engaging; how 6 subtly different shades of green implicitly evoked quite different triggering of key perceptual attributes; and which graphic design best resonated at the non-conscious level with the intended positioning.

Our agile, multimodal online platform provides a global capability to test and optimize all kind of BeSc-inspired interventions from Innovation to Product Design, Packaging to Promotion and Pricing to Communications. And to forensically measure implicit multi-sensory aspects that traditional tools are simply not equipped to assess.

Be they brand owners, creative agencies, corporate strategists or government policymakers, we partner with those most eager to garner a better understanding of the power of our non-conscious to grab Attention, shape Perceptions & Attitudes and cue Behaviour and Habits.

This year at Nudgestock we co-presented with Ogilvy’s branding agency, Coley Porter Bell. This session explored hot topics and themes increasingly being re-appraised for their role in non-consciously cueing and enriching Brand Experience, e.g., Distinctive Assets, Sound Design, Music and Voice, Shape & Form and Font selection.

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