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Thanks for your interest in CloudArmy and our work in researching brand assets, highlighted at Nudgestock 2022.

But there's only so much we could show during the Nudgestock sessions. So, we’ve prepared a special downloadable report (below) with more information on our approach to helping you create and craft more distinctive and immersive brand assets. 

In the downloadable report, you will learn both some of the findings from our Nudgestock 2022 research and also some of the neuroscience best practices we use. Including:

  • Why structuring designs with images to the left of text can be particularly powerful.
  • How we discovered which of 6 very specific hues of green is most effective in communicating 'healthiness'.
  • When does a sound amplify the effectiveness of a logo, and when does it undermine it?
  • How colors can transform the effectiveness of words.
  • How different shapes and contours (e.g. curved vs angular) can typically evoke quite different feelings and thereby induce different behaviors.
  • The No. 1 Neuro Best Practice principle that we always advise our partners and clients to keep in mind in any design and creative work.

Many people think about nudges as new behavioral interventions. But we believe that a brand's own visual or sensory assets possess inherent potential to 'nudge' consumers in particular directions.

A powerful brand asset can not only help trigger brand recognition in advertising or pack navigation in-store but can also cue important feelings, values, and benefits - adding new experiences and dimensions to associate with your brand to boost distinctiveness from the competition.

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