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"Are people looking at my ads? Do they care?"

Eye tracking is one of the best market research techniques to determine:

  • If people are paying attention
  • Where they are looking at creative material

Traditional in-lab testing is costly, timely and usually measures completed creative material. CloudArmy eye tracking enables:
  • Agile, iterative testing during creative development
  • All of the value at a fraction of the cost

Plus, other System 1 methods can be added to the same test to discover:

  • How people feel about the ad, pack design or other visual creative output

The CloudArmy and Lumen integration partnership

“Having tested many implicit solutions, CloudArmy is most predictive of in-market response and easiest to use. Its speed and flexibly combined with precision and accuracy help make eye tracking plus implicit a powerful combination for gathering meaningful consumer responses ads and packaging.”

Mike Follett

Managing Director- Lumen

“With our focus on online ‘no installation’ testing we scoured the market for online eye tracking solutions. We found Lumen to be the best performing solution and were our first choice. We are very pleased to have Lumen fully integrated (including mobile) in our multi-method platform.”

Kent Alstad

Chief Executive Officer - CloudArmy

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