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CloudArmy Difference

Harnessing the latest learning from Cognitive Neuroscience, fused with the latest cloud-based technology, CloudArmy ReactorTM enables more ways to capture emotional & motivational associations against any audio or visual stimuli. With added online Neuro testing methods, you can expand your research insights beyond traditional surveys and ratings and uncover nonconscious emotional associations for more predictable outcomes.

Easy, Affordable, Anywhere

We operate on global cloud frameworks with numerous configurable test paradigms that don’t force a single ‘test’ into all scenarios. Many vendors offer a single testing application.

Create Customized Neuro Tests

Click and launch preconfigured tests or design your own to measure nonconscious responses to audio or visual input.

Access to Raw Data and Calculations

Unlike many vendors, we are not a black box system. We encourage peer review and enable data export to local systems for custom validation, custom visualization and input into your big data lake.

Implicit and Distinctive Assets Expertise

Years of hands-on implicit testing and Distinctive Assets methodologies integrated in easy-to-use test apps.

We Evolve Science Openly

Our team of neuroscientists and statisticians passionately strive for validated data and we are willing to share our methods.

Custom Neuro Indexing

Augment or update your traditional benchmarking surveys with Neuro techniques to best measure emotional and motivational responses.

‘Launch to Visualize’ Automation

After easily uploading audio or visual stimuli to test, sit back and wait for downloadable client-ready briefs.

Combine and Shuffle Test Methods

Combine implicit with other methods, like fast explicit or traditional questions, in a custom test and leverage patent-pending shuffling features for more valid data.

Creative People Now Love Research

No more end of project ‘judgement.’ Early and iterative testing of neuro responses to colors, shapes, fonts and sounds drives inspiration.