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Gaining Insights For Spirit And Beverage Marketers

Most beverage and spirit industry marketers and brand managers understand the trends that show weakening brand loyalty through wider brand choices, with increased local colonization from micro breweries and distilleries creating more competition for shelf space and bar presence.
However, only the pioneers understand that the latest behavioral neuroscience has proven that consumers make these trend-changing decisions at the non-conscious level. However, traditional market research continues to ask explicit, conscious questions (focus groups, questionnaires, etc).
CloudArmy ReactorTM is the fresh online tool tailor-made to benchmark, track, create or evolve spirit and beverage brands. Our team has integrated years of real-world behavioral testing, including tests for beers, wines, spirits and soft drinks, into an all-in-one research platform.
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Measure the ‘pop-out’ power of a package or logo with neuro methods.

Adopt Implicit Testing

Use implicit testing - a differentiated expertise of CloudArmy - as a disrupting research technique to change the speed and cost to access non-conscious reactions to brand assests.

Win the Switch

Understand nuanced responses to things like packaging, shelf placement or claims that draw the non-conscious attention of consumers and drive purchase.

In-Store Testing

Test the ease of product ‘findability’ with quality 3D rendered shelves.


Test the non-conscious associations, including pricing, of a brand asset to the desired level of premiumization.

Experience Testing

Test the motivational associations of your brand assets against the desired ‘experience’ like ‘letting loose’, ‘out to impress’, ‘special occasion’ etc.

Deconstruct and Test Distinctive Assets

Understand consumer responses to brand assets including colors, fonts, logos, labels, claims, bottle or packaging shapes.

Agencies Research

To measure the effect of subtle changes, testand-learn quickly and affordably throughout the development process rather than relying on huge, cumbersome, ad hoc, end of project studies.

Access deep reaction to brand

Leverage CloudArmy ReactorTM for audio or visual advertising along with any brand strategy initiative such as new product launch, re-packaging or re-labeling.

Sensitivity and instinctive reactions

Get responses to hard-to-answer (consciously) topics like ’better-for-you’ (calories, alcohol content, organic).