How We Helped Honda Find The Perfect Angle

honda suv
Visual production agency, Saddington Baynes, developed their won testing app on Reactor: Engagement Insights. It leveraged the Implicit Response testing module in Reactor which enabled them to successfully test nonconscious reactions and associations toa virtual car showroom and accompanying CGI car videos uploaded to the online Reactor platform.

The test enabled Honda to select the best options of those tested and the results were:

Viewers spend 6 times or 13.5 minutes longer on the Honda website

Viewers are twice as likely to enter the Honda Car Configurator process

Viewers are twice as likely to book a Honda test drive

The test showed meaningful reaction time differences of online panelists, measured in 100s of milliseconds, for implicit responses after being quickly exposed to pictures of vehicles, take from slightly different angles, and then having them sort to an association like ‘stylish’.

Implicit reaction times to things like angles, shapes, lighting, and colors along with emotional and motivation associations vary after being exposed to differing creative stimuli. Even a little bit of time to ‘think’ -as is the case with traditional online survey questions or focus groups – can yield results that fail to capture the instinctive immediate emotions and associations that underlie real-world decisions. In this case, sorting attribute words after briefly seeing different imagery for automobile ads revealed key differences. CloudArmy has performed 1000s of similar ‘neuro’ tests to measure the super-fast reaction times which are representative of degrees of nonconscious association to words, pictures, concepts, videos or sounds.

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Awarded “Best Use of Data and Insight”

Saddington Baynes’ research won them, along with partners DigitasLBi, a trophy for ‘Best use of data and insight’ at the 2018 CIM Marketing Excellence Awards.