Implicit Assessor Reveals Differences That Explicit Survey Couldn't

We tested two new food pack designs that were very similar, both with the CloudArmy Implicit Assessor and standard (conscious/explicit) survey questions.

The Implicit Assessor was able to differentiate between the packs’ automatic, nonconscious associations. A major difference was unearthed when leveraging implicit neuro methods that weren’t unveiled with a traditional, untimed selection of “I would buy” versus “I won’t buy.” Even a little bit of time to ‘think’ -as is the case with traditional online survey questions or focus groups – can yield results that fail to capture the instinctive immediate emotions and associations that underlie real-world decisions. In this case, we measured the nonconscious reactions to only color variations during the early phases of label design.

Agencies and brand owners can quickly upload any creative content to test these super-fast associations to changes in claims, sizes, shapes, colors, angles, voices, audible branding and any other creative stimuli. We can also test reactions to models and actors and how people respond to their hair or dress style.