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CloudArmy Reactor is becoming the go-to cloud behavioral research tool that is changing the game for package design market research insights. Creative agencies and Brand Managers now have an all-in-one, science-led tool for quickly and affordably evaluating emotional and instinctive associations to all elements of packaging.

Depth of Insights

CloudArmy has integrated the latest cognitive neuroscience into ethical, easy-to-use online tests refined via 100s of packaging studies. Research has shown that shopper CPG / FMCG purchasing decisions are shaped largely by automatic, super-fast, nonconscious reactions and associations. Our approach helps identify how these fast, nonconscious responses impact pack effectiveness; e.g. pop-out, findability, purchase intent and nonconscious associations with the brand.


We test even the most subtle changes that impact brain processing and shift perception; changes in imagery, design, colors, shapes, textures, fonts, claims and layout

Fast, Agile, Affordable

ReactorTM platform design and cloud-based technology enable rapid, affordable testing of pack stimuli, sometimes in just 30 minutes! It thus lends itself perfectly to iterative ,agile, test-n-learn studies throughout the creative development process.

Distinctive Assets

CloudArmy has gamified and simplified our proven Distinctive Asset evaluation practice, which has been leveraged by top Design Agencies and CPG / FMCG companies. Our approach assesses a multiplicity of critical measures that drive the effectiveness of each asset, including visual saliency, brand attribution and implicit associations.

It has been proven in the neuroscience labs and in the market that people utilize nonconscious shortcuts and biases when navigating a pack design. Successful brand strategy today involves a deep understanding of both the visual ‘pop out’ (as seen tested above) as well as the nonconscious emotional and motivational associations with the pack design.

Testing The Pack

  • Main Pack Testing Projects
  • Pack Redesign Graphics
  • Pack Format Shape/Size
  • Pack Materials
  • Pack Visual Saliency in Isolation
  • Pack Visual Saliency in Context/On Shelf
  • Pack Findability on Shelf
  • Pack Emotional Attraction
  • Pack Fit to Brand
  • Pack Fit to Attributes
  • Pack Purchase Intent
  • Point of Sale Material
  • Visual Saliency

Reactor Also Tests For:

Shelf ‘Pop-Out’, Shelf Placement, Ease to Find (3D shelf games), Emotional Attraction, First Impressions, Emotive Power of Claims, Resonance with Brand Attributes. Ultimately, measuring instinctive cues and impulsive reactions to packaging that drive purchase.