Discover Why Pioneering Polling Experts Are Making The Switch

Recent advances in cognitive and behavioral Neuroscience research has proven that our automatic nonconscious associations drive many of our decisions…..including a selection in a voting booth! There are new, superior methods to quickly and affordably measure these nonconscious associations that aren’t unearthed with traditional market research. Pioneering researchers understand this and are making the pivot. Using online behavioral testing that measures implicit reaction times, campaigns can gain fresh, invaluable, and deeper insights into these instinctive and emotional associations with the Party and Candidate.

“ The failure of many traditional political polls to accurately predict elections may be a sign that they are failing to capture peoples’ true intentions, and how strongly they hold those intentions.” - Darren Bridger: Chief Scientist, CloudArmy

Explore new methods to measure deeper emotional voter reactions to:

  • fashion and hairstyle
  • ‘walk-out’ music
  • politician photos
  • expressions
  • gestures
  • ads
  • logos
  • phrases
  • voice timbre
  • soundscapes