Brands exist as powerful memory structures. The best brands interact with us across multiple touchpoints building a rich representation in our minds. Distinctive Brand Assets are crucial in this process and more and more brands are creating unique sonic logos to engage consumers across multiple senses.


But do sonic logos actually work?


We evaluated the sonic logos of 10 big automobile brands with real consumers. Here is a selection of the material. Could you identify the brand?

Sonic Logo A

Sonic Logo B

Sonic Logo C

Join us on Thursday, October 12th (1:30 pm BST, 2:30 pm CEST) to see the results. They may well surprise you!

Presented by CloudArmy’s Dr Ben Schubert and SonicBrand’s Dan Jackson this 30-minute webinar will show the results of our primary consumer research on the topic and give insights on how to create a great sonic logo.

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