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The Question

A popular sportswear brand wanted to undertake a brand tracking study to understand their position vs. key competitors in the US market. Results would be used to assess the need for a potential rebrand and an update of distinctive assets.

The Approach

Our Brand Reactor solution leveraged a combination of tests, including Fast Choice, Implicit, and Findability. The combination of time-based methodologies allowed us to uncover familiarity with the brand name, emotional perceptions of the brand, strength of associations to desired brand traits, and whether brand assets are distinctly tied to the target brand vs. other category leaders. 

The Results

  • Brand A, a prominent player, is most easily recognized with 94% accuracy, likely due to the short and distinct name, as well as brand penetration.
  • A brand logo with a more literal depiction of the brand helps Brand D stand out, while other brands with less recognizable symbols and acronyms show strong misattribution.
  • Non-consciously, Brand A has significantly higher associations to “Good” and other positive words than the other brands tested, demonstrated by higher implicit associations. 
  • Brands A and E both evoke "high quality" associations significantly more than competitors, further showcasing the strength of Brand A as a quality brand.

We informed the client that their brand (Brand A) is strongly positioned vs. other sportswear category leaders. Based on this information, they strategically focused on reinforcing current brand assets and positioning to sustain their lead in the sportswear space.

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