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The Question

A major consumer products company wanted to evaluate a set of new laundry detergent claims that would appeal to both existing consumers and precipitate growth in a new consumer target. Given the multitude of ways to deliver their product messaging, there was a critical need to choose the message with the most mileage.

The Approach

Utilizing our Message Reactor solution, we combined non-conscious and rational methods to provide a 360 view of consumer attraction, involvement, and preference for each of the claims. Our Implicit and Fast Choice methods allowed us to understand which messages evoked desired associations on a non-conscious level, while the survey component provided insight into consumers’ articulated preferences. This custom study design also evaluated claims against key competitors to ensure the new claims are ownable. 

The Results

  • Messaging about "strength" drives personal relevance, suggests quality, and is uniquely associated with the target brand vs competitors. 
  • Avoid language that connotes artificial and abstract processes (such as being "lab tested") 
  • Claims focused on “trust” indicate dependability, an emotional benefit that consumers care about in this category and drives relevance, as well as excitement. 
  • Abstract statements around "clean" satisfy a more functional benefit, although do not evoke the same personal connection with consumers.

We informed the client that messages focused only on cleanliness are less engaging for consumers, as "clean" is table stakes for this category. Instead, we recommended communicating strength and dependability which are more likely to connote quality, drive personal relevance, and differentiate from other brands. 

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