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Our multi-modal approach combines traditional research with new methods rooted in cognitive psychology and behavioral science to provide a holistic view of consumer's emotions, perceptions, attitudes, and behaviors. Advanced techniques include Implicit Association, Fast Choice, Findability, Eye Tracking and Visual Saliency.  All are easily accessible with our global online toolkit, allowing you to evaluate any stimuli that can be displayed on a screen.



Unlock the non-conscious associations and feelings consumers have towards your brand, assets, messaging, etc. A robust, science-backed sorting task, our implicit tool eliminates the possibility of survey biases, with high quality data every time.

Value You Gain:
  • Avoid biases or explicit rationalization with a tool that can’t be “cheated”
  • Uncover attitudes that are more resistant to change than explicit responses
  • Measure true attitudes and perceptions, especially those difficult to articulate 
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Fast Choice


Understand the strength and conviction of an attitude towards any asset with our Fast Choice methodology. Consumers response is timed, because the faster a preference comes to mind (the attitude accessibility), the more likely it is to be strong, long-lasting and more reliably predictive of behavior.

Value You Gain:
  • Eliminate survey bias and encourage intuitive replies with time-controlled response
  • Ensure your stimuli evoke key attribute associations and understand where they are not hitting the mark
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Understand the performance of your packaging relative to competition with our Findability tool. Measure how quickly and accurately respondents are able to find a package (or other imagery such as a brand logo) within a competitive array to gauge how well it stands out.

Value You Gain:
  • Ensure your pack stands out from the competition 
  • Confirm your package is recognizable and can be found
  • Compare across designs to determine which is found more quickly or accurately
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Traditional surveys are a mainstay for a reason - they are useful to play back respondents’ stated opinions and add color to other findings. Our survey tool incorporates a wide variety of response types including multiple choice, open ends, rankings, and rating scales.

Value You Gain:
  • Hear directly from consumers with open-end verbatims 
  • Gather claimed purchase interest 
  • Understand consumer sentiment across stimuli
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Visual Saliency (Pop-Out)


First impressions greatly influence our long-term opinions, and when consumers are making quick decisions at shelf, standing out is critical. Pop-Out, an algorithm based measurement, predicts where most people will look first to determine likelihood of standing out. 

Value You Gain:
  • Understand the inherent ability of a pack or elements of the pack to stand out 
  • Recommendations on how to revise a design to improve attention
  • Improve in-store navigation 
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Online Eye-Tracking


Capture attention by understanding what gets noticed and what gets missed with the power of online eye-tracking. Our webcam based eye-tracking solution measures what consumers are looking at in real-time, providing quantifiable results with no additional hardware required. 

Value You Gain:
  • Ensure key areas of interest are attended to
  • Understand how visuals are processed to ensure an intuitive layout
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