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CloudArmy has developed the Reactor™ platform that is used to design and run online neuroscience based research anywhere, anytime. Our expert engineers and science team work daily to ensure that we can quickly and effectively measure emotional consumer reactions to brand, product, and marketing content.

Benefits of Reactor™

  • Flexible
  • High performance
  • Extensible
  • Programable

    See below for technical details
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A flexible Behavioral Science testing platform designed for marketers

High Performance

A high performance, timing sensitive, cloud based software platform.

  • Uses latest web performance and scaling technologies
  • 100% web based based with no extra hardware required


Highly extensible research tool with end-to-end support for small, medium, and large (100,000+ respondents) research projects.

  • Templated Apps help to create reliable well designed projects
  • Templated project management checklists that ensure research integrity
  • Support for hard-to-recruit samples that may require multiple recruiters and complex quotas
  • Includes built-in support for screening questions with multiple test paths based on previous answer criteria
  • Integration with 20+ recruiters including API level integration with large scale providers
  • High performance visualizations and data extracts based on scalable AWS Lambda
  • Support for advanced experimental designs with complex randomization and distribution requirements


An extensible Component Architecture, with growing support for new experimental designs: Implicit Response (evaluative priming), IAT, SC-IAT, Fast Choice, 2D Findability, 3D Findability, Survey’s, Advanced Screening with Piping, Routing, Eye Tracking, Facial Analysis

Partner Extension Program

The Reactor Partnership Extension Program fosters the integration of technology partnerships based on extending Reactor to use or otherwise work with a partner technologies. 


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