Our team is developing a new service that merges the power of behavioral-science insights with the capabilities of a comprehensive brand tracker - all bundled together with the accessibility and affordability of templated research.

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At CloudArmy, we are driven by the conviction that your brand’s success reflects how well you understand your customers.

That is why our trusted research approach delves into the hidden unconscious connections, emotions, and desires that truly motivate customer behavior - bringing you the deepest possible insights into your customers and how your brand is resonating in the market.

Now, we are working to merge the advantage of CloudArmy's deep insights with the power of a brand tracker.

Track what matters most to your brand

In addition to monitoring standard metrics that offer a snapshot of your brand's health, such as familiarity and loyalty, you have the opportunity to measure how your brand is perceived in the context most central to your brands success.

Simply answer a few questions about your brand, like 'Who are your top 5 competitors?' or 'What are the top 3 attributes that differentiate your brand from others?', and we will customize our tracking template to align with your specific needs.

Science-backed market research, made accessible

Not an expert on behavioral science market research? Not a problem. Whether you're taking your first steps in this field or have extensive experience, our service is designed to demystify the process. Our team of experts handles the research design, building a template that ensures scientific rigor at every step. Next, we help you decode your data and translate it into actionable insights that enable you to adapt swiftly to an ever-evolving market.

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