Uncover the Secret Drivers of Green Purchasing

Our new white paper reveals the hidden psychology behind sustainable shopping. Discover how implicit attitudes and unconscious biases shape eco-friendly purchase decisions.

  • Learn why self-reported green intentions often fail to translate into action
  • Understand how packaging cues can elicit skepticism or positivity
  • See how organic and low carbon labels create different reactions
  • Get insights into overcoming barriers to plant-based diets
  • Discover how emotions and heuristics sway choices under time pressure
  • Uncover the role of automatic associations in product preferences
  • Gain knowledge to drive more ethical and eco-friendly consumer behavior

Through implicit reaction time testing and associative methods, researchers have uncovered the hidden factors influencing sustainable product choices. This paper reviews key studies on packaging design, plant-based diets, organic food psychology and more.

Marketers, brand managers and consumers alike will find fascinating insights in this research-backed white paper. Don't miss out on learning how implicit attitudes impact green purchasing decisions.

Download the full paper now to get ahead of the curve on leveraging unconscious motivations in environmentally sustainable marketing!