Webinar: Case study on brand asset testing

How do brands manage to take such a prominent place in our lives? The best brands interact with us across multiple touchpoints building a rich representation in our minds. Distinctive Brand Assets are crucial in this process. 

Join us on Monday October 10th (9am EST, 2pm BST, 3 CET) for our webinar on how to measure and leverage Distinctive Brand Assets.

Presented by CloudArmy’s Dr Ben Schubert this 20-minute webinar will cover a case-study example of applying our deeper- level testing to reveal insights into Distinctive Brand Assets. Taking the category of Quick Service Restaurants (QSR), this case-study highlights across four different modalities, how reaction-time measures add extra information to answering questions like:

  • Which QSR brands are most ‘top of mind’ to consumers?
  • Which company has the strongest visual assets for readily triggering key memory associations of their brand?
  • How a brand’s color alone can trigger Taste appeal.
  • Which QSR brands have best positioned themselves as Good value for money and Caring for their customer.

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About CloudArmy

Boasting in its ranks, 5 of the earliest pioneers of Consumer Neuroscience, CloudArmy specialize in uncovering hidden implicit / non-conscious insights.  Through our online platform we offer a best-in-class suite of science-led tools to enable deeper-level evaluation across a wide array of different research topics. Our test-n-learn capabilities enable optimization throughout development phases and our partnerships around the world include Brand Owners, Retailers, Creative Networks, BeSc businesses, Management Consultancies, Government agencies and Academic Institutes. 

About CloudArmy’s Distinctive Asset Framework 

Our comprehensive, multi-layered framework for assessing Distinctive Assets goes way beyond Brand Attribution. Our approach focuses on identifying and measuring the contribution & role each single asset delivers to overall brand experience. As such a full audit would provide metrics for the ability of each asset to effectively deliver: 

  • Brand Attribution & Mis-Attribution
  • Visual Saliency / Pop-out in different contexts / touch points
  • Navigation / Findability in different contexts / touch points
  • Brand Associations- emotions, feelings, values, benefits, provenance, nature of experience, usage occasions etc 
  • Behavior Change / Action Intent

Our experienced team, would then provide guidance on how best to strategically & creatively optimize each asset to strengthen or extend its contribution to the brand. Such guidance may include digitization, sonification and inspiration for adaptation to different touch-points, contexts and cultures.