How do brands manage to take such a prominent place in our lives? The best brands interact with us across multiple touchpoints building a rich representation in our minds. Distinctive Brand Assets are crucial in this process. 

Join us on Thursday November 17th (11am EST, 4pm BST, 5pm CET) for our webinar on how to measure and leverage Distinctive Brand Assets.

Presented by CloudArmy’s Dr Ben Schubert this 20-minute webinar will cover a case-study example of applying our deeper- level testing to reveal insights into Distinctive Brand Assets. Taking the category of Sportswear brands, this case-study highlights across four different modalities, how reaction-time measures add extra information to answering questions like:

  • Which sportswear brands are most ‘top of mind’ to consumers?
  • Which company has the strongest visual assets for readily triggering key memory associations of their brand?
  • What deep-seated emotions do consumers hold towards a dominant brand in the sportswear market?
  • Which Sportswear brands have positioned themselves as high quality and ethical in the minds of consumers?

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