What CloudArmy Does

From the start, the goal of CloudArmy was simple: Merge top-notch software developers with a deep store of real-world neuromarketing and science experience to create the most easy-to-use global cloud platform with the best mix of testing paradigms to access deeper (system 1) insights. After 2 years of development, our customers are finding the Reactor™ Platform to be a unique mix of agility, affordability, flexibility & openness as an augment to traditional market research.

CloudArmy Reactor™ – leveraging the same agile software framework as Facebook – runs in the cloud, including Amazon’s AWS, which enables our clients to run tests anywhere in the world with results available as soon as 30 minutes after placing the test. Our mission is to augment traditional research and physical neuro lab testing with an easy and valuable online option for clients to test iteratively throughout the development process, providing insights into the non-conscious emotional and instinctive associations consumers experience with tested stimuli.

CloudArmy has broken down and simplified market research processes and topics into repeatable, modularized software functions to readily create studies leveraging multiple testing paradigms with any media (stimuli) input, and to save them as branded testing apps for re-use at a later date on other projects.

We continue to add tests to support new, meaningful use-cases. Our years of real-world experience in implicit testing make CloudArmy the source for transparent and open access to scientifically-validated tests to unearth non-conscious emotional, instinctive and motivational associations to almost any form of creative stimuli, including text, pictures, sounds, videos, or VR. Contact CloudArmy today at info@cloud.army to start a conversation on how to transform the speed, cost and value of your market research insights!

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