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"Do my employees and customers trust my brand, product or company?"

Trust is such an emotional, layered and complicated concept. It’s hard to measure the degrees of trust and its component parts with traditional research methods.

Yet, it’s imperative to know how customers and employees trust companies and brands.

CloudArmy has developed System 1 tests to measure degrees of association with trust along numerous scales including:

  • Trust vs. Don't trust
  • Same beliefs vs. Different beliefs
  • Reliable vs. Unreliable
  • Responsive vs. Unresponsive
  • Competent vs. Incompetent
  • Safe vs. Unsafe
  • Listens vs. Ignores
  • Fair vs. Unfair
  • Cares vs Doesn’t care
  • Concerned vs. Unconcerned
  • Rewarding vs. Unrewarding
  • Approachable vs. Unapproachable
  • Values me vs. Doesn’t value me

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