In this episode, Richard talks to Melina Palmer, behavioral economist and founder of Brainy Business, about her book “What Your Customer Wants and Can’t Tell You.” Melina discusses various behavioral economic concepts that can be applied to understand what customers want and how neuroscience can help you effectively test those concepts.

In this episode, Richard talks to Callum Gould, Head of Insights for Saddington Baynes. Callum talks about measuring emotional response to creative works using neuroscience – that each step of the way in creating advertisements, neuroscience can help tune the creative process.

Richard talks with Dr. Sarah Yu about how memory works and how habits are formed in the minds of consumers. Dr. Yu shares lessons about attention, memory, repetition, and habits from her years of practical experience helping some of the world’s most successful brands.

In this episode Richard talks with Dr. Andy Baron about Implicit Association testing and how it can be used by marketers. Join us for an in depth journey into the academic origins of implicit association and how they can be applied to practical marketing problems.

In this interview with Dr. Brendan Murray, Richard delves into the complexities of how to get value from Consumer Neuroscience testing. Brendan explains why one size does not fit all and when “context is everything” how to determine the right tool for the job.

In this episode Richard talks with Michael Smith about applying brain-based principles and insights to marketing.

Richard interviews Darren Bridger, author of numerous books including: “Decoding the Irrational Consumer”, “NeuroDesign”, and most recently the “Implicit Test Designers Playbook”.

Richard interviews Thom Noble in this introductory episode exploring the beginnings of the consumer neuroscience research and what drove market researchers to look to science for answers.